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Our Last Battle But Not Our Last War

As we stand on the virtual battlefield, we look out and see the vastness of this field.  We feel strength or we feel discouraged but whatever we are feeling we need to feel hopeful.  We have done our best to fight this battle as we fight this war.  We must be proud in what we have put forth in this battle.  We must continue to not let our guard down as this battle is soon ending but the war is far from over.  We must be strong and continue to pray for strength and courage to continue to stand firm in our belief.  We will continue to be tested in our beliefs.  We must be strong so that we can withstand the opposition’s fight.  They are relentless and we must not be faint.  We must rely on the Lord and His ever strength.  We must be do what it takes to be counted upon as one who can take us to the finish line with courage and with honor.  All those who have given time, money, and given up sleep to do the many tasks that have been asked of us in the battle to pass Proposition 8 I commend you for accepting these tasks as part of restoring traditional marriage in this state of California.  May God be with us and go forward with honor.


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